With the influx of various local energy drink on market, there was the need to introduce an exclusive African type, Mamba, a premium energy drink with the finest taste and origin. Mamba has a citric acid content that enhances smoothens and perfects skin tissue regeneration. The name ‘Mamba’ “is associated with fierceness, speed and aggressiveness; it has a reduced caffeine and taurine content with vitamin B and this makes it very healthy for consumption.

AKOA Limited intends to create a pan-African brand at par with foreign brands. Since the introduction of Mamba Energy drinks into the Ghanaian market, it has made consumers feel connected and motivated, fearless and tough, giving an instant energy boost. It is self-reliant, athletic, vibrant, and friendly.” As a brand entering a competitive market, the team is optimistic with a very strategic and creative communication plan.

The brand is embarking on activations in open market, malls, bars, and schools to directly connect with consumers. The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom and made its first entry into the country in 2017.

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