As part of the much celebrated Workers’ day, held around the country Ghana, Akoa Beverages limited organized an event to honour it’s workers and highlight on it’s Corporate Social Responsibility. With this rational, a float was held coupled with free distribution of sachet water. The float began at exactly 10am, where all the cherished staff of Akoa Beverages were present for the float to distribute free sachet water to the people of Adamrobe, Oyibi, Amrahia, Amanfrom, Ashiyie through to Adenta. The event was organized with the aim of giving back to society by offering the most basic need of survival which is safe drinking water to people and as a means of marketing the company’s product to new and potential customers.

The workers were active and were glad to be part of the distribution of the sachet water to the people which really showed that they had the company at heart. At about 3:30 pm, the distribution came to an end at Adenta. There was a small get-together organized for the staff to help them refresh themselves. The management made it known to the workers that all their efforts and time invested in Akoa Beverages were duly appreciated. The event came to closure at 5:00pm where the staff went back to their various homes.

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